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The foundation board of trustees determines the RheumaCura’s policy and strategy with respect to its activities and how they are financed. It monitors the implementation of strategy and ensures a balance between objectives and resources in the short and long term.

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Steven Bourke
  • Background in Health Communications, Basic Research Science, and Exercise Physiology.

  • Experience in digital health, health system strategy, citizen empowerment, and public speaking.

  • Interest in personalised healthcare, discussions with thought leaders, mindset change and removing disease stigma, all things culinary.

  • Steve is an expert in stakeholder engagement, EUPATI fellow and health system consultant. The founder of Personal Pulse measuring the pulse of the future of citizen empowered healthcare.


"I am committed to RheumaCura because we create the opportunity for people who are patients to co-create solutions in rheumatic disease as an equal partner."


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Carola Fisher
  • Background in Business Management (Dr. oec. HSG), Public Health, Communications.

  • Experience in the Health Sector, Communications and Non- Profit Management.

  • Interest in prevention and Information campaigns in the health sector.

  • Carola is currently finishing her Master’s in public health at the University of Zurich and is mom of two small boys.


"RheumaCura gives me a chance to proactively make a difference for many people."


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Ursula Kuehnel
  • Background in Clinical Research, Health Economics and Sustainable Development.

  • Experience in non-profit-organizations, pharmaceutical industry and hospital management.

  • Interest in sustainability, integrated care and agile methods.

  • Ursula is Executive Coordinator of the Childhood Cancer Registry at the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Berne.


"I am committed to RheumaCura because it’s time to put patient-centred research into practice now."


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Kathy Redmond
  • Background in nursing (MSc in Cancer Nursing), MA in Coaching and Consulting for Change and qualified executive coach.

  • Experience in cancer care, building impactful patient alliances and change management.

  • Interest in personalised healthcare, decision making and patient voice in research.

  • Living with Dupuytrens and Ledderhose disease and a daughter with fibromyalgia.

  • Expert in strategic planning, patient involvement and impact measurement.


"RheumaCura provides me with the opportunity to drive research in the interest of people with different rheumatic conditions."


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Judith Safford
  • Background in Economics (Dr. rer. pol.), Non-profit Management and Sociology.

  • Experience in communications, fundraising, public speaking and patient advocacy.

  • Interest in patient leadership, managing her disease and mountaineering.

  • Living with Spondyloarthritis (Enteropathic arthritis) and Osteopenia.

  • Judith is director of the SCQM foundation (Swiss Clinical Quality Management in Rheumatic Diseases) and patient expert in medical research with a focus on patient-centred initiatives.


"RheumaCura because I want cures and better treatment for my children and future generations."


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Supporters are people who are helping us by publicly supporting our aims, by volunteering with us, by donating to us, by signing up to be a patient expert, or backing us in any way that they are able.

Michael photo
Michael Andor
Dr. med. Rheumatology FMH, President SCQM Foundation

“I support Rheumacura because patient empowerment also plays a central role in SCQM. In clinical everyday life I see how much better the treatment of patients works when decisions are made together. In research, we still have a lot of potential in this regard.”

Axel photo
Axel Finckh
Prof. Dr. med. Head of Clinical Research in Rheumatology, University Hospital Geneva

“As a clinical researcher, I know that involving patients from the initiation of research projects helps us to ask clinical pertinent questions. Patients suffering from rheumatic conditions know what questions need to be addressed most urgently.”

Yvonne photo
Yvonne Gilli
President FMH, Dr. med. Specialist for General Internal Medicine

"I support RheumaCura because it takes on what many only talk about: patient empowerment."

Antonia photo
Antonia Jann
President of the board Schützen Rheinfelden AG

"Because dealing with rheumatism requires a lot of care, discipline and creativity from patients, I support RheumaCura in their important work."

Valérie photo
Valérie Krafft
Executive Director Rheumaliga Schweiz and Swiss Association for Rheumatology

"We are delighted to support the goals of RheumaCura and promote the involvement of those affected in research in accordance with the National Strategy for musculoskeletal diseases."

Caroline photo
Caroline Ospelt
Professor for Experimental Rheumatology at the University of Zurich

"I support RheumaCura because I am convinced that scientific research can make a great contribution to improving the quality of life of people with rheumatological diseases."

Marianne photo
Marianne Pfister
lic.iur., M.H.A., Executive Director Spitex Schweiz

"I support RheumaCura because research and support in this area improves the quality of life of those affected."

Membership and partners


Under partners we list organisations that we have joined, are affiliated to or who share our vision and values.

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The software consultancy company Swiss4ward is a partner. They have kindly built and supported the website and advise us on ITC issues.